Posted by: Mike | October 20, 2008


The purpose of this blog is to provide a place for residents to share information about the neighborhood and to discuss ideas about how together we can improve it – for everyone.

Enjoy. We welcome your feedback.


  1. Wow! I didn’t know we had a blog! Cool.
    I think this could be a nice way for people to make suggestions about what they would like to know more about regarding Franz Park.
    Alot of people are too busy to attend the monthly general meetings-and, that is too bad; because this is where we learn about what is going on…from our Alderman, Police and NSO.
    There is so much we can do as a neighborhood to make it more community oriented, and welcoming..And, this is a great start.
    Thanks, Michael for setting this blog up.
    Francine Case, FPCA, Pres.

  2. Very happy to see that the old neighborhood has some concerned citizens and that my old school has found a new life. I was born and raised at 6706 Mitchell Ave and was a June, 1960 graduate of Roe. I could argue that my childhood and teenage years in the Franz neighborhood were the glory years for the park and school but I am sure that others who came before and after my time could make the same argument!
    Many thanks to you, Francine and Michael for the site and blog. I live in California but would like to join your oganization and make any contribution that might be of help to the FPCA.
    Joe Robinson

  3. The banner design is great but I am anxiously awaiting for them to be displayed. This project has been in the alderman’s hands for a long time. We were told at a meeting that they would be up over a year ago. When will they be going up in our neighborhood? What’s up?

  4. Greetings,

    Our next neighborhood meeting is the 4th Thursday of February 2009.
    Please attend!
    We will be discussing:
    the BANNERS and find out “what’s up” with our Alderman;
    the next Movie in The Park;
    swearing in our new FPCA Board;
    And, we will have a presentation about Recycling for the city of St. Louis.
    Lots of information to be shared!
    Bring a neighbor~
    Hope to see you there.

  5. Obviously the webite hasn’t been updated in a long time. I’m assuming the group still has meetings? When and where? I’ve lived in the neighborhood for a couple years and love it here. I’d like to participate to keep it nice.

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